Terms of Conditions

* Before order and Transfer money please read the terms and conditions carefully: –

AppStore++ reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service from time to time without notice.

• We have a policy of replacement, compensation and guarantee of subscriptions for more details click here.

• Any mistake in the UDID code makes you lose your subscription because Apple does not allow us to modify or delete UDID so please make sure it has been typed or copied correctly, also there is no refund if you mistaken.

• Subscriptions run on iPhone and iPad only from version ios 9 and above and the more recent version make the store response and better applications and fewer problems.

• We have a subscription replacement policy if it is closed by Apple but according to the package you subscribed to, for more details click here.

• In the event that the device is damaged or lost or sold, you cannot use the subscription on another device and you need a new subscription, because Apple does not allow us to modify or transfer the subscription to another device. ( VIP subscribers we will reimburse you for a new subscription for free. )

• You can make restore the device and install applications back on the same device without any problems.

• After submitting the order and paid, the subscription amount can not be refunded because Apple does not allow us to delete the subscription after registered it.

Disclaimer: Applications are integrated with informal tools from the developer of the application and we are not responsible for blocking accounts.

• Let you know that there are problems with notifications in the plus (Tweak) apps and duplicate applications.

• As a matter of honesty and credibility we do not recommend to subscribe with us if your subscription is only for Snapchat Plus because its problems are many and more time does not work with customers, even if snapchat work we do not take responsibility for blocking your account by snapchat staff, but if you want to subscribe for other applications and Snap It’s not a big deal for you.

• There is no guarantee on PUBG Hack and the use of Hack at your own risk.

• Subscription is a year but because of Apple’s policy and its prohibition for third-party applications, therefore, you may block subscriptions at any time you discover it, and also application developers may close these programs, so there is no refund if your subscription is closed. (You can see the warranty and replacement policy here)

• You agree that if we are forced to terminate our services under any future circumstances, the payments are non-refundable.

• Your transfer of the subscription money, means you agree to the above terms.

• I Accept all Terms of service in TOS

Last update 2019-10-10.